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BSc IGNOU Study Material- Students who want to download or searching for study material of BSc (Bachelor of Science), you can download your desired study material from our website easily.

We have added every updated study material for the students. Which you can download from the categorised links below:


List of Available BSc IGNOU Study Materials :


Course CodeCourse NameClick To
BPHL-03Physics Laboratory-1View
PHE-01Elementary MechanicsView
PHE-02Oscillations and WavesView
PHE-04Mathematical Methods in Physics-1View
PHE-05Mathematical Methods in Physics-2View
PHE-06Thermodynamic and Statistical MechanicsView
PHE-07Electric and Magnetic PhenomenaView
PHE-08(L)Physics Laboratory-2View
PHE-10Electrical Circuits and ElectronicsView
PHE-11Modern PhysicsView
PHE-12(L)Physics Laboratory-3View
PHE-13Physics of SolidsView
PHE-14Mathematical Methods in Physics-3View
PHE-15Astronomy and AstrophysicsView
PHE-16Communication PhysicsView
Course CodeCourse NameClick To
CHE-01Atoms and MoleculesView
CHE-02Inorganic ChemistryView
CHE-03 (L)Chemistry Lab – IView
CHE-04State of MatterView
CHE-05Organic ChemistryView
CHE-06Organic Reaction MechanismView
CHE-07 (L)Chemistry Lab-IIView
CHE-08 (L)Chemistry Lab-IIIView
CHE-11 (L)Chemistry Lab-IVView
CHE-12 (L)Chemistry Lab – VView

Life Sciences

Course CodeCourse NameClick To
LSE-01Cell BiologyView
LSE-04 (L)Laboratory Course-IDownload
LSE-06Developmental BiologyView
LSE-07Taxonomy and EvolutionView
LSE-08 (L)Laboratory Course-IIDownload
LSE-09Animal Diversity-IView
LSE-10Animal Diversity-IIView
LSE-11(L)Animal Diversity LabView
LSE-12Plant Diversity-IView
LSE-13Plant Diversity-IIView
LSE-14 (L)Plant Diversity LaboratoryView


Course CodeCourse NameClick To
MTE-02Linear AlgebraView
MTE-03Mathematical MethodsView
MTE-04Elementary AlgebraView
MTE-05Analytical GeometryView
MTE-06Abstract AlgebraView
MTE-07Advanced CalculusView
MTE-08Differential EquationsView
MTE-09Real AnalysisView
MTE-10Numerical AnalysisView
MTE-11Probability and StatisticsView
MTE-12Linear ProgrammingView
MTE-13Discrete MathematicsView
MTE-14Mathematical ModellingView


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