IGNOU Assignment Submission 2019-2020 Last Date

IGNOU Assignment Submission- The new students who took admission in latest session in IGNOU are always bit confused about assignment. They always have various types of questions in their mind about assignments like

What are assignments in IGNOU?

How to complete/make assignments?

From where to get solved assignments?

Where & when to submit assignments?

Don’t worry, we will answer your all questions.

First of all, in IGNOU you’ve to do IGNOU assignment submission in every session before examination. It is compulsory to submit assignments, because without submitting assignments you cannot give examinations.

To make assignments you’ve to download question papers of all subjects (which you’ve in your programme). You can download them from official IGNOU website or you can download them from links given below :-

Master’s Degree Programmes :-

  1. M.A.(Economics)
  2. M.A.(History)
  3. M.A.(Pol. Science)
  4. M.A.(Philosophy)
  5. M.A.(Public Administration)
  6. MCA
  7. M.A.(Sociology)
  8. Management
  9. M.COM
  10. M.Com ( F & T)
  11. M.Com ( BP & CG)
  12. M.Com ( MA & FS)
  13. MA (Education)
  14. M.Ed
  15. M.Sc(MACS)

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes :-

  1. ACC
  2. ANC
  3. B.Com(G) CBCS
  4. B.Sc CBCS
  5. BA CBCS
  6. BDP/B.A.
  7. BCA
  8. B.Com
  9. B.Com(F & CA)
  10. BTS

P.G. Diploma Programmes :-

  1. PGDRD
  5. PGDRP
  8.  PGDAC
  9. PGDT
  10. PGDAE & MAAE(July-2011)
  11. PGDMD
  12. PGDWGS
  13. PGDEOH

If you are facing any difficulty while making assignments you can approach us to get solved assignments. You can also get solved assignments from various sites online.

Last thing to remember is where & when to submit assignments, you’ve to submit assignments at your alotted study centre before/on last date.

Update – IGNOU has extented the date of submission of assignments upto 15th June 2020 due to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).


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