IGNOU Exams Notification/Update

IGNOU Exams Notification/UpdateAs we all know that IGNOU used to take Exams/TEE (Term End Examination) 2 times a year (In June & December) and students give exams according to their session or programme. But in this session of June, IGNOU Exams could not be held, due to a well-known reason worldwide pandemic the COVID-19 or Corona Virus.

Many Universities decided to promote students without taking examination on the basis of performance of previous Year(s)/Semester(s). But IGNOU decided to take examination.

And after that IGNOU decided to take the Examination in the month of July. But due to emerging COVID-19, this was not possible and IGNOU did not released any Notification/Update regarding IGNOU Exams/TEE till the 3rd week of July.

On 22nd July 2020, IGNOU released a notification regarding the Examination. In which, it is clearly mentioned that the Examination of Year/Semester end students will be held in the month of September 2020. Students can check their eligibility of giving exams in the notification regarding IGNOU Exams (click on the link given below). However, the exams of mid Year/Semester (other than last Year/Semester) will be held in the month of December 2020.

Click here to read the Notification


On 30th July 2020, IGNOU released another notification regarding the Examination in reference to the notification released on 22nd July 2020. Every IGNOU student should also give a read to this notification (click on the link given below).

Click here to read the Notification


Our message to IGNOU Students regarding IGNOU Exams :-

Students are advised not to be worried about the examination. These exam dates can be changed according to how this pandemic will turn things up because till now the IGNOU trying to take the exams of Year/Semester end students, so that students can have their Degrees.


Note: If you have any question regarding IGNOU about anything, then please ask your question(s) in the comments below or you can Contact US. We will try our best to answer your question(s).

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