IGNOU Re Registration July 2020 Session

IGNOU Re Registration – In IGNOU, students enrolled in various programmes have to Re Register every year/semester (according to the programme) for the next year/semester. It is like paying fees for the upcoming or next year/semester.

But in this session, IGNOU has changed its portal/server where students used to Re Register for the next year/semester. Due to which many students are facing a problem on the new portal/server.

The problem on the IGNOU Re Registration new portal/server is when students are trying to Re Register it is showing the current year/semester instead of showing next year/semester. Most of the students facing this problem.

The Solution –  In our opinion, the current solution is to wait until the problem resolves. Because the portal/server is new it may have many bugs. We can wait till August, because we all IGNOU will extend the Re Registration date upto August.


IGNOU Re Registration Link


Note: If you are facing any other, then please tell us the problem(s) in the comments below or you can Contact US. We will try our best to resolve your problem(s).

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